Outside Plant Services

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All of G-TEC’s Clients Get Access To Our Industry Leading Resources:

  • Certified Customer Access

    With experience and certified access into the industry’s top providers and carriers, you can leverage G-TEC’s expertise to improve the quality and efficiency of any project. We have years of experience working with all of the most popular telecommunications companies throughout the US and are able to easily adapt our experience to the customers’ needs and facilitate effective projects.
  • Certified Office Techs

    G-TEC’s technical team is second-to-none. Our technical and engineering teams are certified in the industry’s top areas, giving you the confidence to know a job will be done right. The telecommunications industry is rapidly evolving and we make a point to stay on top of the latest advancements in our industry. Whether it’s wired or wireless innovations, you can be sure the G-TEC team will be able to confidently handle whatever comes our way.
  • Logistical Supply

    We provide logistical supply to every very customer that G-Tec takes on.  G-Tec tracks incoming shipments, sources materials at the best possible rates, on time material delivery to job sites, works closely with every customer to arrange material pick up and returns.
  • Warehousing

    We offer flexible warehousing in every market so that we can meet the high level demands of fluctuating materials needed for every project.  Our warehousing operation is based out of Auburn, GA which allows us easy access to Hwy 316, I-85, and I-985. Our warehouse is equipped with multiple vehicles and box trucks that allow us to transport every piece of material covered and undamaged. Storage is negotiated and based on customer locations.